Hello and welcome to Elite Makeup Artistry. My name is Milena.
I am a makeup artist, beauty educator, who has spent the last four years establishing a remarkable clientele and a loyal audience. Beauty is defined differently in every person's vocabulary. In my dictionary, how you feel in your soul defines beauty.
Every individual has different needs or preferences; therefore, the services that I provide will be tailored to satisfy YOU & your specific needs. With that said, I specialize in all channels of makeup including bridal, special event, print, and TV.
As a beauty educator, I strive for an excellent experience for my students. Years of experience in the beauty industry helped me curate a one of a kind makeup course curriculum. Makeup courses are available for anyone, who has interest in learning makeup for themselves or would like to become a professional certified makeup artist.
I am extremely passionate about the beauty industry because it opens the door to creativity. I am a firm believer in quality overruling quantity.Therefore, my goal is to keep on rising truthfully. I have built a certain trust with my clients where they sit in my chair and comfortably say “You can decide how I should look for this event.” I take pride in being a part of your special day & helping you look absolutely beautiful.